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Book Corner
In this age of electronic marvels there is still an excellent source for information and learning in books. Books provide a hardcopy format for organized study of almost any topic, particularly the basics and foundation information which remains relatively constant. To that end, I have included a section where books can be listed and discussed. Feel free to suggest book titles to be included. Please provide a few lines of comment and a source for your suggested book title. If the publisher has a Web site please include that as well.
  • microserfs by Douglas Coupland Harper Collins Publishers Ltd: a hilarious, fanatically detailed and oddly moving book about a handful of misfit Microsoft employees who realize that they don't have lives and subsequently become determined to get lives inside the lightning-paced world of high-tech 1990s' American geek culture. A good read when you want a break from your programming and bug checking.

  • Using The Internet Second Edition by Mary Ann Pike, published by QUE. This book is intended to provide a comprehensive overview of the Internet. The available Internet services are discussed along with popular interfaces to the services. Includes NetCD, a source for Internet software.

  • The Internet Complete Reference by Harley Hahn & Rick Stout, published by Osborne McGraw-Hill. The best description of this book has probably been provided by Scott Yanoff, author of the "Yanoff List" of Internet services. He stated "This is by far the most comprehensive book on the Internet. A must for novices, even experts will learn something new from this book. The attention to detail is first-rate, yet it's presentation understandable for everyone."

  • Doing Business On The Internet by Mary J. Cronin, published by Van Nostrand Reinhold. This book discusses the strategic value of global networking, specifically the Internet, for business. It was written to fill a need for a non-technical, strategic consideration of the Internet from a management perspective.

  • The Internet Yellow Pages Second Edition By Harley Hahn & Rick Stout, published by Osborne McGraw-Hill. Bill Schwartz, system manager, Auggie BBS and BBSLIST, Network Manager, 3M Corporation had this to say about this book. "The Internet Yellow Pages is an excellent guide to the Internet for NET users of any level. With this book, you will be able to find whatever information you need, quickly and easily. A terrific reference to have sitting beside your desk late at night. The completeness of this book will surprise even the most seasoned NET user.

  • Internet Handbook 1996 by Jim Carroll and Rick Broadhead. A detailed and interesting read about how the web works, what it's capable of, and its future. Includes examples of sites and how to choose a server ,use e-mail etc. However, I was hoping for more hints-and-tips and how to navigate and how to make best use of time on-line. (Thank you, Janet Duval of Georgetown for this addition to our Book Corner.)

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